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I went up to Mt Baldy this past weekend with a friend to do some shooting.  I brought a few pieces of gear i use with my Canon 60D; a brand name DSLR steadicam rig, and also my Atlas rig.  I had the steadicam on for about ten minutes.  I spent the remaining three-plus hours running around using my Atlas rig exclusively.  Comfortable and easy to use.  Funny looks and "what's that fishing line coming out of your head" comments aside, this is an extremely effective new tool.  I will certainly be using the Atlas rig on my future projects.

- Jon Van Dyke, Writer/Director


I received my very much anticipated Atlas Camera Support package this morning and I have nothing but praise for it.  All too often, people are quick to complain but slow to compliment, therefore I am writing simply to thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of equipment.  After a few hours of use I can already see how this is going to make my life behind the camera infinitely easier.  I am a DSLR filmmaker on a next-to-nothing budget.  As such, a traditional steadicam rig was off-limits.  Combined with a Halo rig I have, I found  that your product works wonders that I thought would cost me thousands of (English) pounds.  All that is left is for me to thank you.  I will certainly be recommending the Atlas to everybody I know who works behind a camera.
.Kind regards,

- Tom Stacey


Working on a Food Network show, using a small Panasonic camera, I spent hours shooting handheld trying to hold the camera steady with only two points of contact.  Overtime, I began to also get some repetitive stress injuries and realized I needed to look for a solution.  I found the Atlas Camera System and it's been a life-saver. I no longer have my repetitive stress problems and I can hold better and do smoother shots than I did without it.  On this particular show, I was the director, DP and producer, so the additional benefit of being able to swing the camera to the side, away from my face, when directing the talent - and have the weight of the camera off my hand - was incredibly helpful and made for less downtime.

- Anne Ethridge, DP


Without your product any handheld shooting was severely restricted by my left arm injury, and now I feel comfortable and confident with my camera on my Fig Rig - supported by your Atlas Camera Support.  I have used the Fig Rig as the platform for handheld shooting for years, but always struggled to support the weight of all my gear after shooting for some time due to a left arm injury incurred through a mountaineering accident.  I was always reticent to do an interview handheld, as after a while I found it difficult to maintain a steady hand.  Your Atlas Camera Support has given me the confidence to do film handheld, while enabling me to do manual adjustments on focus and aperture with my Sony EX1, and be more creative with changing of angles and position.  Following the action in a smooth motion was always a strength of the Fig RIg, and now with the addition of the Atlas Camera Support it was taken me to another level of confidence and endurance.  I recently filmed teh 2010 Australian Moto-Trials Championship in Australia, and had to film and follow the action over difficult and treacherous terrain for hours on end.  I have posted an interview that I did with the 12 times Australian Sidecar Champions, with footage from the sidecars traversing obstacles, while I followed the action. 

- Peter Hill


I recently returned from shooting a documentary in Uganda, and having the Atlas on-hand was an incredible help.  DIstributing the weight of the camera, audio recorder, and mics down my back and into my hips freed my hands to change exposure, swap lenses, keep focus, and so on.  It was a very run-and-gun shoot, anytime the subjects were in motion so were we, and more often than not we were moving with all of our equipment.  With the Atlas I was able to continue shooting while carrying all of my lenses, my film SLR, hard drive, and other gear in a backpack, which I just slung right over the Atlas harness.  This shooting style would have been very difficult without the Atlas, because I would have been so bogged down by the weigh of it all that I wouldn't have been able to maintain a steady hand and have the range of motion needed to operate the camera properly.  Both as a stylistic decision, and because of the nature of the situation, I even ended up using the Atlas during lengthy interviews.  By the end of the shoot day, I was totally beat, but I had hours of smooth floating-camera footage that I never would have been able to do hand-held due to the heavy weight and length of shooting time, or with a tripod due to its rigidity and lack of portability.  I'll definitely be embarking on many more shoots with the Atlas by my side.

- Katherine Fairfax Wright, Filmmaker


We used the Atlas Camera Support System on a multi-day shoot with a Panasonic HVX 200 attached to a Fig Rig.  The combination of the two gave us absolute control over every shot we desired.  It was a lifesaver as these were 10+hour days.  The lightweight rods and harness worked in perfect harmony with the camera and Fig Rig.  We will never leave home without this setup for any furture assignments.

- Todd Cotton


With the Atlas, I can hold the camea for ages without it feeling heavy.  It feels good whipping the camera around with the zero g feel.

- Lloyd Murphy


I couldn't have achieved the balance between spontaneous hand-held operating and smoothness without the Atlas.

- Ben Wolf



The Atlas Camera Support helped me go handheld for over six hours of shooting and more importantly, it allowed me to focus without worrying too much about the 20lbs of camera.

- Manuel Reta, DP